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Hello.  My name is Stephanie Sharp and I am not currently an independent filmmaker, although I do have great interest in the field (given that I am a screenwriter), but I have learned from experience that trying to make it in the entertainment industry (regardless of what angle) can be quite difficult.  Coincidentally, I am trying to come up with a way to bridge the gap between filmmakers trying to produce the perfect and enlightening story (film) with which they currently seek and the writers that believe they have it in their possession.

Today's youth and our horror/suspense movie seekers long for that thrill of being completely horrified and (coupled with any true elements portrayed in the movie) 'The Deadly Sins of Farmakeia' (an approximate 80 minute film placing emphasis on willfully interacting with demonic entities and the deadly results it can bring about) seems to comfortably fit within that profile.  The irony is that the very individual that sought the evil beings and welcomed them into his home will be the very one to seek protection for his family from the literal hell awaiting them all.

I have been an independent writer my whole adult life.  My motive behind creating such a site is to broaden my fan base and increase networking possibilites so that I (and other 'new' and/or 'unsolicited' writers) could connect, trade ideas and perhaps succeed in furthering our careers (please refer to my blog).  It can, at times, be very difficult to make our way through much of the downside and rejections via Corporate America when you truly and honestly believe that what you have in your hand is the next blockbuster hit. 

Writing is a passion that I so enjoy.  I love to write books for children and teenagers as well as feature films for broad audiences and scripts that seem to focus on more specific genres.  I feel that I am a well-rounded freelance writer and have been certified by the Charter Oak College, Institute of Children’s Literature (1997-1999) specifically for that purpose, and have obtained a State-Sponsored External Degree from that educational facility for writing and publishing endeavors. 

I am trying to make a name for myself as I'm sure many are in the industry.  Coincidentally, I have a proposal that someone looking for a project may find quite interesting.  I am aware that sometimes the only thing holding a good project back from seeing the light of day is the lack of funding.  If an indie filmmaker feels that my portrayed script has potental and develops ideas to run with, I would be more than happy to open myself up to any creative offer that may enhance both myself and the filmmaker's career.

If a filmmaker interested in the job currently has the resources to create the film using my script but can't afford to option or buy the script out-right, just considering the idea of joining forces to create the film from scratch, while simply delaying the pay day, is of great interest to me.  I've heard it said quite often that in order to make money you have to spend money, which could also be equivalent to delaying the big payday in order to see a project through with what limited resources we may have.   Should you be one of those perspective fillmmakers, please feel free to e-mail me with any of your ideas and I will be more than happy to promptly respond.    


Aside from scripts and featured screenplays, I have written several books and short stories that are currently having publishing options reviewed and am also a published author of a children's book entitled The Bird that Couldn't, ISBN:  9781424182503, Format:  Paperback, Published:  February 2008 and a novel entitled The Ten Mile Creek, ISBN:  9781434978283, Format:  Paperback, Copyright © 2010.  The script for the book is currently being written and formatted for possible screen production. 


I have also obtained a Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (BSIS) with a Specialization in Generic SE from Texas A&M University (1994-1998) and have also established a website which portrays (in a vintage style) black and white freelance photography of original images that I have taken (owned and copywritten by me) to portray all of my vintage images. The website,, is used to market my photography in the form of various stock formats (Greeting Cards, Magnets, Post Cards, etc.).  Please feel free to visit at your leisure.


I have completed a total of two other scripts that I am currently seeking representation, pre-production options and/or right-out sells from as well. 

I have just recently completed 3 full feature scripts that I believe have a lot of potential.  The first, which is a dramatic feature entitled 'A Man of My Past' has been rated as a 4-star script per the writer's community and can be accessed via the following link at  The second epic script entitled 'The Secret of the Nile' is currently being critiqued via the Writer's Screenplay Literary Agency and may benefit via a rewrite based on the feedback provided per the agency. The current rough draft can be accessed via


However, with 'The Deadly Sins of Farmakeia', I believe that it could be quite a crowd-pleasing thriller with an actual meaning behind the story to boot.  And, should an independent filmmaker be so inclined in perhaps working out an agreement with me to allow the story to soon find its way to the big screen, it just might be that we have the next 'Blair Witch Project'.  


Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or comments in the way of suggestions, and I greatly look forward in hearing from you.  Please feel free to e-mail me at should there be interest in either of the two feature scripts I have mentioned as well.  Again, thank you for your time and consideration.