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Please feel free to enjoy the full 'Deadly Sins of Farmakeia' Award Winning Visual Pitch/Movie Trailer (made possible via the website) as well as accessing the full Script and please remember to let me know what you think.  In order to access the video, you must make sure that is an allowable and trusted site on your computer via your security settings.

Script has also been listed via e-Bay auctions as an alternate marketing source.  Please access the auction listing at your leisure for more additional information.  To access the site, click on the link below or copy and paste into your web browser should the link not work and please feel free to e-mail me via the address provided should you have any questions.

Script Logline:


In order to find out the truth about her brother's disappearance, Devon moves back to her childhood home.  Only then does she uncover the deadly results of what can occur from willfull interaction with demonic entities, the fate of her brother due to his involvement with the occult and the danger of her own soul should she choose to stay.                 -All Rights Reserved-


Note:  First Draft (can be rewritten or professionally critiqued upon request with no extra charge to have any camera annotations voided and possible updates and/or changes implemented).


Featured Screenplay

WGA/w Registered
All rights reserved





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